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Fresh Start/Ex-Offenders

Career & Job Services

CAA assists ex-offenders in finding employment by providing services with a special focus on the unique barriers that people leaving prison often face when returning to society. Fresh Start provides the following employment services:  

  • Identifying strengths and skills to create an Individual Employment Plan
  • Assistance in locating affordable housing 
  • Connections to resources for food and clothing, including professional attire
  • Employment readiness training
  • Job search assistance
  • Interview coaching
  • Job retention services for 12 months after employment

Fresh Start provides:

  • Employment workshops and life skills training
    • Workshops include interviewing techniques for ex-offenders, resume development, and skills assessments.
  • Career coaching and job matching
    • Referrals to companies who are willing to hire individuals with criminal records.
  • Retention and follow-up for up to 12 months
    • On-going case management and retention services.

To be eligible for the Fresh Start program, individuals must:

  • Live within Hamilton County
  • Have a criminal record
  • Be at least 18 years of age

For more information, contact Leonard Sayles at 513.924.2031 or